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Quieting the mind and reaching a state of relaxation is challenging for most with popular Western forms of meditation.  With Streamline Meditation, you will uncover ways to slip into meditative state that does not require intense focus or discipline. Tap into the power of your subconscious mind and train it to bring your visions into reality.

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Increase Your Mind's Power

Increase Your Mind's Power

Expand to a profound state of awareness into your mind’s deepest, most powerful level, refresh your mind and focus with clarity.

Eliminate Stress and Tension

Eliminate Stress and Tension

Improve the quality of life by finding a permanent oasis of calm and project a much more positive vibration of calmness outwards to others.

Create Deeper Happiness

Create Deeper Happiness

Our state of being is something that we radiate to others, even in silence. To share greater happiness with others, all we have to do is to experience it directly at its source during Streamline Meditation.

Promote More Harmony

Promote More Harmony

The process of Streamline Meditation harmonises all the layers of energy within ourselves by returning the system back to a profound state of balance.

Reveal the Inner Beauty

Reveal the Inner Beauty

The ultimate purpose of Streamline Meditation is to reconnect you with the deepest and most peaceful level of your being.

Science Backs Meditation

Science Backs Meditation

Regarded as the purest form of meditation, Streamline Meditation has science backed transformative effects and stands alone in the field of meditation today.

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Experience what Others Have

I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I learnt streamline meditation. Less tense and more calm.

Rebecca Barbe

I’m now able to access deeper levels of consciousness without external cues. It’s so powerful.

Ngan Vu

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Troy and Malcolm, and have definitely learnt lifelong skills needed to help me improve my career, relationships, focus, creativity and overall outlook of life.

David Bobis

Meet Your Coaches

Troy Drake is a successful entrepreneur and construction industry expert with over 30 years of experience. He is the creator of the Mushin Mind App, a tool designed to promote mindfulness and enhance decision-making abilities.

Troy is also a certified NLP practitioner, life coach, Streamline Meditation Coach, Oxygen Advanced Breath Coach and Cold Water Immersion Instructor Through the Mushin Mind app and various certifications, he helps people develop a state of effortless action and intuitive decision-making.

Troy’s commitment to personal growth and empowering others makes him a valuable asset in the lives of many.

Malcolm Fletcher, with over 50 years of meditation practice and guidance from enlightened masters, has developed a meditation without the limiting techniques that are available today and simply called it Streamline Meditation.

He believes that meditation is a state already within us and offers a simple way to connect with it.

Join Malcolm on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner peace through Streamline Meditation.

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