About Streamline Meditation

Streamline Meditation is the purest and most direct form of meditation that can allow absolutely anyone to regain this ancient skill.

It is completely different from the traditional techniques of meditation as it involves no mantras or watching the breath to try to stop thoughts. This gentle process, is the natural way for the mind to settle down and find its own natural resting place.

Streamline Meditation has been connecting people to their primal ability to ground for decades and now we are making it even easier to integrate meditation in your busy schedule by offering the Mushin Mind app. All of our programs, recorded content, live meditations and interactive community can go with you no matter where your day takes you.

Our Method: The Streamline Advantage

Founder, Malcolm Fletcher, discovered, meditation is a natural state.

It’s an experience that requires no effort. With over 50 years of meditation practice and working alongside Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Malcolm rediscovered the pure state of meditation is always visible to us right from the start.

This is because the state of meditation is always present. It’s already there. There has only ever been one small reason why we keep missing it. That’s because we habitually only focus on our thoughts and so miss the vast, silent field of pure consciousness from which all thoughts arise.

We just need to be shown how to reconnect with it to enjoy its remarkable benefits. This simple discovery has the power to change your life and yet it is so simple and natural. The state of meditation is something we can all access from the beginning. It’s not something that is a goal in the future. It’s always available here and now.

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