The Mushin Experience

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The Mushin Experience is a ‘secret weapon’ for your health and performance. It will help you boost your psychophysiological performance, improve decision making, instill calm under pressure, improve stress control, general coping skills, vagal toning, nervous system function and sleep.

  • Increase breath hold duration
  • Improve breathing mechanics
  • Improve biochemistry
  • Boost EPO
  • Improve CO2 and Lactate acid tolerance and O2 efficiency
  • Improve recovery and relaxation
  • Improve responses to stress and anxiety
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Build grit and resilience

In this workshop, you will get expert coaching on cold water immersion techniques and Advanced Oxygen training.  We will do goal setting, ice baths, streamline meditation, and oxygen advantage practical application.  You will be provided a high altitude mask, a workshop booklet and lifetime access to an online community through the Mushin Mind app with a monthly community zoom call.

After scheduling your event, you will receive instructions to set up your account in the Mushin Mind app.  Prior to the event, a health questionnaire and participation agreement will be emailed to you and all participants. Please fill and e-sign your questionnaire and participation form and set up your Mushin Mind account prior to the event.

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Itinerary for the day:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Cold Water Immersion (Ice Tub’in)
  3. Oxygen Advantage
    • Functional Breathing
    • Simulated Altitude Training
  4. Streamline Meditation

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Benefits of Training with Troy

Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

Improve Muscle Recovery and Decrease Pain
Cold immersion improves oxygenation of muscles for quicker recovery and constricts blood vessels to reduce pain.

Regulate the Nervous System
Exposure to cold water stimulates the vagus nerve which is responsible for regulating breathing and heart rate.

Decrease Stress and Improve Mood
Cold exposure is thought to increase the production of the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine which is associated with focus, attention, and improved mood.

Boost Metabolism
Researchers have observed a metabolic increase in individuals after they experience cold water immersion.

Benefits of Advanced Oxygen Training

  • Boost your sports performance
  • Improve your health, long-term
  • Enhance focus, concentration, posture and sleep
  • Reduce anxiety and breathlessness
  • Run without triggering exercise-induced asthma
  • Build endurance
  • Boost your body’s response to exercise

For Olympic athletes, parents, emergency first-responders, dentists, elite military, goal scorers and corporate go-getters. For everyone who breathes.

Benefits of Streamline Meditation

Increase the power of your mind

  • Expand your awareness beyond the usual limitations.
  • Experience your mind at it’s deepest and most powerful level.
  • Make better decisions and be more productive after Streamline Meditation.
  • Be happier in the present moment and less distracted.
  • Function at your peak and achieve more.

Eliminate accumulated stress and tension

  • Remove the pressure that stress puts on your life and relationships.
  • Maximise your interactions with others.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships by realizing it starts with you.
  • Learn to respond and not react.
  • Find a permanent oasis of calm within yourself to project positive vibrations to others.
  • Neutralise stress and get along with others better.

Increase the power of your mind

  • Access the deepest level of happiness within yourself.
  • Radiate your state of being to others, even in silence.
  • Find joy in your life with family and friends.
  • Share greater happiness with others by experiencing it directly at it’s source in Streamline Meditation.

Promote more harmony

  • Reduce friction with others.
  • Haromnise all the layers of energy within using the process of Streamline Meditation
  • Return the system to a profound state of balance.
  • After meditation, the state of balance continues to flow into your outer life.
  • Create harmony in your relationships.

NOTE: Never undertake breath hold training in the water alone! No water based drill should be attempted without the direct supervision of a competent buddy who is a responsible and competent adult.

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